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The school organizes, through its houses & clubs, various activities like literary, cultural, science, games, sports etc for the physical, mental and emotional growth of its students. Also to promote the qualities of leadership and responsibilities among the students the staff and students are divided into four Houses 1. Ganga House 2. Yamuna House 3. Narmda House 4. Sarswati House A senior teacher is placed incharge of each house. He & other staff members work as the guardians, guides and helpers of the students. Houses are put on duty on weekly basis. Each house on its turn organizes activities like conducting the morning assembly and inter-house competitions. Thus a healthy spirit of competition, cooperation, sportsmanship and the ability to plan and organize is inculcated amongst the students. The objective is to develop in the students a positive self-concept about themselves and to discover and nurture their talent.

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